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Fastbraces® - What’s All the Buzz About?

    Fastbraces® are the comfortable, safe, and affordable way to straighten teeth in as little as 5 months! Now, teens and adults can obtain a flawless smile in half the time it takes with traditional braces. The secret is Fastbraces'® patented bracket design and super flexible nickel titanium wire, which allows both the root and crown of the teeth to be straightened simultaneously.

    With traditional braces, teeth are usually straightened in two phases. First, orthodontists focus on straightening the crown of the tooth, and then, in the second year, the focus is straightening the root. The entire process usually takes at least two years to complete. However, Fastbraces® offers a smart alternative using a completely original mechanical principle. By developing triangular-shaped braces, opposed to square ones, Fastbraces® offer greater flexibility and less friction, which means less pain. The ultra-flexible wire may then straighten the roots and crowns of teeth at the same time. Most patients can expect to have completely straight, bracket-free smiles in a year or less.

    Fastbraces® are completely safe and much more comfortable than traditional braces. Plus, because the entire process is so quick, they are much more cost-effective too. Kids and adults can choose from the original Fastbraces® or Fastbraces clear®, for a more subtle look. No matter which style is chosen, patients can feel secure knowing they're just months away from a beautiful, straight smile that will last a lifetime.

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The Fastbraces Difference

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